Elmer’s Reusable Poster Tack 2 Oz.


Hang maps, posters, paper decorations, and other lightweight items with Elmer’s Poster Tack. The adhesive putty is designed to be removed and reused for commitment-free decorating. Elmer’s Poster Tack is non-toxic and works best on doors, walls, refrigerators, and other non-porous surfaces. The easy-to-use formula replaces tacks and tape for great hanging results.

Elmer’s Poster Tack can be reused and sticks best to non-porous surfaces, for easy decorating almost anywhere.

Make Changes with the Reusable Adhesive

Elmer’s Poster Tack is removable and reusable for commitment-free decorating. Perfect for hanging and replacing photos or posters, Elmer’s Tack is an easy way to show off artwork and display memories.

Great for Dorm Rooms, Classrooms, and More

Perfect for dorm rooms, classrooms, offices, and rented spaces, Elmer’s Poster Tack is easy to remove. Hang maps, posters, paper decorations, and similar lightweight items in seconds with Elmer’s Poster Tack.


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